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And sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler July 27, 2008

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It’s hard to believe that almost exactly 12 years ago I rolled into Geneva, NY to interview for a gig teaching 8th Grade Social Studies. At the time, I didn’t know a soul in Geneva, but that changed quickly. I have been truly blessed with the most amazing friendships–some that I know will last a lifetime and some that were unfortunately cut too short. As I’ve been preparing to roll out of the Finger Lakes in a few days for a whole new set of adventures, I’ve been reflecting and reminiscing and, well, just generally feeling pretty darn sentimental.


To All of My Upstate New York Buds:

There just aren’t any words that seem to accurately reflect the gratitude I feel for the experiences we’ve shared. I have been honored that you have invited me to celebrate in the joy of your weddings, the births of your children, baptisms, birthday parties, graduations, holidays, new homes, new jobs, promotions, retirements, and even a bris or two (thanks to Sandy and Kim for that new, and somewhat unsettling, experience for a Midwest Gentile kid like myself). I’ve been even more honored that you have celebrated with me in my joyous occasions.


We’ve shared many laughs and much love, drank toasts to our successes, cursed our failures, and sometimes tried to drown our sorrows together. We’ve gathered to bid fond farewell to friends and family that have moved on to bigger and better things, and we’ve grieved together when loved ones have been laid to rest. We’ve shared our greatest hopes and aspirations, and our deepest, darkest secrets. We’ve shared in the human condition–most often good, sometimes bad, and occasionally ugly. But at the end of the day my friends, I wouldn’t trade one second of any of it.


My hair has a little more gray in it than when I arrived (ok, maybe a lot more), but none of you helped put it there (well, maybe some of you did on occasion). However, a few of you have acquired a lot more than I (you know who you are), and I know for a fact that I’ve been the cause for some of it. Thank you for sacrificing your youthful good looks for my well being.


So I don’t want this to sound like a good-bye because that’s as far from my intention as possible, and, quite frankly, I don’t believe in them. Take this as a simple affirmation of how important you are to me, my sincere hope that you will always remain in my life, and my great desire that you will allow me to remain in yours.


OK, enough of this sentimentality. Does anyone know where I left my car keys?


Don’t Read This! You’ll Be Jealous! July 24, 2008

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So I haven’t posted anything in a while. Not because I haven’t been busy, but I just don’t want anyone to be jealous of all the fun I’ve been having. For example, this morning I cleaned the refrigerator. It was awesome! See, you’re jealous already aren’t you? I knew you would be.  I shouldn’t even give any more details cause I know I’m going to start getting emails and phone calls like, “Diane, how come you didn’t call me? Didn’t you think I would want to share in the joyous occassion? If I’d known, I would have baked a cake.”

OK, so maybe it wasn’t that much fun, but whatever the heck that stuff was that I cleaned out of the drip pan sure reminded me of those really gross experiments we did in middle school Science class. Good times, my friends, good times.

What more could I possibly need?

What more could I possibly need?

So tomorrow I’m renting a carpet cleaner to get the carpets nice and spic and span for the new residents. I know you wish you could be here, but I’m sure whatever you will be doing will be fun too.

Spoons, Spoons, Spoons July 17, 2008

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So my adventures over the last few days have been quite mundane and probably will continue in that fashion for the near future. I’m well in to the process of packing, tossing, or donating my personal belongings.

Yesterday I decided to tackle the dreaded kitchen. I discovered that I am the shamed owner of 18, count ’em 18, serving spoons. Now I don’t know about other people, but this just seems beyond excessive for somebody like me. I could understand if I had multiple sets of silver passed down from generation to generation, or threw lavish soiree’s, but I don’t. Regardless of whether you come to my house for Thanksgiving or an impromptu cookout, you’d see me using the same silver and utensils much to the dismay of my Mother. And those utensils would be pretty basic, utilitarian items that get the job done.

Now don’t get me wrong, I get a kick out of going to a fancy restaurant now and again, or an elegant dinner party where the host or hostess has pulled out all the stops. But when I invite people in to my home, I guess I’d rather just focus on enjoying good company and good food than worrying about what my table setting looks like.

So it’s safe to say that I am no longer the owner of 18 serving spoons. And although it sounds cliche, I hope that I can continue to remember that the best things in life are free. It seems that I find the greatest happiness when I encounter those moments in which my needs feel like my wants, rather than my wants feeling like my needs. It would be amazing to feel that way all the time.

On a side note, after numerous hints, Jena, Linds, and Bethany have won the “What’s wrong with this photo?” contest. For inquiring minds everywhere (I’m sure there must be one or two out there), the answer lies with the continuing renovations at EK–the sign no longer resides in that location. Pam is our lucky runner up with her response of sunshine in Rochester. My apologies to the non-EKers out there for an unfair competition.

For everyone else, here’s a fun picture of me courtesy of Bethany’s Photo Booth.

I just haven't been feeling myself lately.

My Last Day at EK July 11, 2008

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So today is it. I will be officially unemployed in a matter of hours! While I’ll miss my colleagues tremendously, I’ve got to admit it’s been really hard to wipe the big grin off my face cause I just can’t stop thinking about how excited I am to move on to a whole new set of adventures.

So who can figure out what's wrong with this photo?

Who can figure out what's wrong with this photo?

Drank a few toasts with a GREAT bunch of folks last night! A big thanks to all those who turned out. You guys are the best of the best! Keep the faith my friends!

I Made This! July 8, 2008

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No really, I swear. It was a flower extravaganza as my sister Sue put us to work making centerpieces for my niece Shannon’s upcoming wedding. I did take a few shots since I kept getting the names of the flowers wrong. Hostas and roses are about the extent of my horticultural knowledge.

Even Joey and Aunt Jane got in on the action. Feel free to pass this on to Joey’s fire fighting buddies!

A few examples of the finished product.

To see more pics of our flower session and the 4th of July weekend, click here.

Hanging with Mom July 2, 2008

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I’ve been hanging with my Mom at Gun Lake for the last few days. She recently had foot surgery. For those of you who know my Mom, you’ll know that the prospect of laying on the couch for hours on end with her foot propped up is not very appealing to her. But I’ve been doing my best to keep her grounded. So most of our conversations sound a little like this. “Mom, would you like some orange juice?” “Mom, can I get you a banana?” “Mom, do you need some more water?” “Mom, how about we put an ice pack on your foot?” “Mom, where are you going?” “Mom, you’ll be sorry if you overdo it.” “Mom, where are you going now?” “Mom, I mean it, back to the couch.” “Mom, I’m not kidding, you get back to that couch right this instant or you can kiss that ice cream bar good-bye.”

But, all in all, is there still a more beautiful word in the English language than vacation?

Here are a few shots from my recent walk down Elmwood Beach.