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Really? July 25, 2009

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Has it really been that long since my last post?

Diane + Vacation = Bad Blogger

Diane + Vacation/Record cool temperatures in Michigan = Very Bad Blogger

Diane + Vacation/Record cool temperatures in Michigan * Recovering from vacation = Tremendously Bad Blogger

OK, I promise that as soon as my brain is back in bayou mood I’m going to tell why this young man is sitting on this mound of dirt eating a Subway sandwhich with filthy, mud-encrusted hands…


but in the meantime, how bout getting down with my favorite kids from PS 22? Life is short my friends, so just let yourself go and dance! You know you want to!


Scenic Overlook July 9, 2009

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So I decided to take a short hike up to one of my favorite places as a kid spending my summers on Gun Lake–Graves Hill. I haven’t been up there for a number of years, but I remember getting so excited when I was a kid and we would get the chance to take my brother’s dune buggy up there. I would literally run to the top of the hill to take in the view of the lake below. It seemed like you could see for miles and miles. Nowadays you can’t get too close by car (or dune buggy) since most of the area has been cut off to motorized vehicles, but I don’t mind because I enjoy hiking the vast trail system of the Yankee Springs Recreation Area.

So I started out on the Hall Lake trail.


And enjoyed the beautiful view of Hall Lake. Everything was so green.


Then I continued on the trail, part of which connects with the North Country National Scenic Trail which currently travels through seven states, and when completed, will be the longest continuous hiking trail in the United States.  And I thought of my nephew Anthony, recent Pioneer High grad, and at this very moment making his way through Maine hiking the 2,178 mile Appalachian Trail. Way to go buddy!!!


Then I saw the marker for Graves Hill and started to get excited. I couldn’t wait to take some great pictures of that awesome view.


Up I went, stopping to enjoy the numerous wild raspberry and blackberry bushes that have grown up along the trail.


Then I saw the sign and felt like a kid again as I sprinted to the top of hill, camera in tow, for that gorgeous view.


And, well, ummm, geez, what happened??? That didn’t used to be there.


Well, at least I have my memories. It was beautiful.

Traditions July 6, 2009

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Ahhhh…..vacation. It’s a beautiful word. And even more beautiful because I’m spending it in one of my favorite places on Earth. Forty-nine years ago, my parents bought a little piece of property on Gun Lake, built a small summer cottage, and now almost five decades later, four generations of the Huhn clan gather here as often as they can.


The 4th of July is always special, and I dare say that it is one of my favorite holidays ever. Fireworks on Independence Day Eve…


followed by the Ring of Fire (during which I had the honor of being the official flare lighter this year with Dad’s flamethrower)…


followed in the morning by the 35th Annual Elmwood Beach 4rh of July Parade during which a blast from the past hit the street after a good 20 year hiatus.


Even Wonder Woman came out of retirement for the festivities…


and I did manage to get a pic of the elusive Flash Gordon, albeit fuzzy, but boy, that guy is lightning fast.


Of course, after the parade, there was time for a little swimming…


and a little boating…


and a little tubing…


and then it was time for a little nap.