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Small Stuff #65: Joyful Beginnings March 18, 2010

Posted by dianehuhn in Community, Friends.
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Small stuff that I am grateful for today: Delivering the first bunch of planters and elevated garden boxes made by some truly amazing young folks for some truly amazing seniors! Seriously, no words can express the joy of today. You really just had to be there.

Bonus: Being serenaded by Mister Jose! I’m still crying! I’ve had some AMAZING days thus far in 2010, but this might just be the most amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you to our team for Iowa State University/Memorial Lutheran Church, Miss Effie, and our wonderful seniors in Smithridge. And to my NIU team–as David Hasselhoff would sing in the most bizarre fashion imaginable–“I’m hooked on a feeling…I’m high on believing.”



1. Bethany - March 19, 2010

I was going to write something about how wonderful it is that you had this idea for elevated gardens a few weeks ago, and now it’s reality for the Smithridge seniors………….but now my brain is consumed with images of the Hoff.

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