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Small Stuff #66: Back to Reality March 26, 2010

Posted by dianehuhn in Bayou Life, Louisiana Wildlife.
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Geez…looks like I’ve been gone a while. All good stuff–Spring break volunteer season has kept me on the run and filled my heart with much joy, but it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Small stuff that I am grateful for today…one adult bald eagle…

…one juvenile bald eagle…

…two juvenile bald eagles…

…and two angry alligators.

I love the bayou!



1. Julie S - March 26, 2010

Totally awesome! I love the moon against that blue sky. It was really bright here tonight. Hope you were a nice safe distance away from those angry gators! What an amazing sight to see. I want to come back!

dianehuhn - March 28, 2010

I want you to come back, too!

2. Aunt Joyce - March 27, 2010

Wonderful pictures of the Eagles, and it isn’t often you can see two Alligators inter-acting like this, right? You were in the right spot at the right time. “Nice”.

dianehuhn - March 28, 2010

Thanks Aunt J! Yeah, I’ve seen a few gator scuffles before, but that one took the cake.

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