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Small Stuff #67: More Raptors and Reptiles March 28, 2010

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Small stuff that I am grateful for today: more encounters with juvenile bald eagles. Seriously, these birds are soooo cool. I could watch them all day.

And a little up close and personal time with a juvenile gator. So cute! Wish I could get this close to the eagles.


A Monarch Minute? Or is that a Gulf Fritillary Minute? October 12, 2009

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So I’ve been pretty busy lately. I spent two wonderful days in the Lower 9th Ward this week at an Institute for Sustainable Communities network meeting, have been preparing for a week of advocacy presentations in Chicago and a funders tour in the 5 Bayous and a possible trek to DC following Chi-town. And on top of all that, I even managed to get a little fishing in yesterday thanks to BW, and although I didn’t manage to get any fish in the boat, I’m happy that BW did.

I also happened to be passing my favorite photog spot, and even though I really needed to be making 12,000 copies and burning 100 DVDs, I decided to stop for a few minutes and see if my friends Mr. Osprey and Mr. Eagle might swing by to say hello. Although they didn’t stop by that day, they did swing by the boat yesterday for a very quick flyby.


Yes, that is an osprey and an eagle. Really, I swear. And this photo reminds me of a recent post I made about the importance of never, ever leaving home without my camera. Well, let’s just say that if you live in south Louisiana, you should never, ever leave home without your camera, but you should also make sure you’ve got the right lens locked in place cause you just never know. Oh well, better luck next time.

So, anyway, back to my quick stop at my favorite photog perch…while Mr. Eagle and Mr. Osprey didn’t stop by that day, another winged creature did. Don’t know much about these kind of winged creatures and originally thought this was a Monarch. But that’s not even close I’ve since learned. Near as I can tell this is actually a Gulf Fritally (agraulis vanillae), also known as the Passion Butterfly. Well, I think.






For more Gulf Fritillary Minute photos, click here.

To view the video I’ve been making copies of, click here.

And to check out the photos from my amazing and inspiring trip to the Lower 9th Ward, click here.

Next stop…the Windy City. Later gators!

Time Flies June 28, 2009

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So I can see from the date of my last post that I have been a bad blogger once again. It’s been a fun-filled week of new friends, volunteers (who are now new friends), relief work, paper work, good food, too much sun, gator spotting, eagle spotting, and fishing. And oh boy, did we fish!


And fished some more…


and a little more for good measure.


Oh yeah, and a little more fishing just to be sure.


And since a limit a day keeps the psychiatrist away…


And although it looks like I spent every waking moment fishing, I actually did engage in a few other activities. Like chasing what I thought was an eagle around the rec center for 2 hours in the 104 degree heat trying to get a good pic, but not being too successful…no matter since it wasn’t a real eagle…DSC_4437

and trying to get a good picture of a gator at night…


and trying to keep a safe distance, but still get a good pic of some honey bees…


and trying to get just a little better close up…










and carting around tools and supplies for a great bunch of guys from Tennessee (the Volunteer State I might add)…















and becoming the incredibly proud owner of a GJ original (although I was so excited I forgot to turn it the right way for the camera).










And now it’s time to pack a bag for a few adventures of the Michigan variety and get a little bit of this action going on.